Be You All The Time

Be You

While I was an employee, I felt like if people knew who I was at home they wouldn’t do business with me.

Be You

The guy I was at home liked to drink, cuss, and be a smartass. I was raised on a farm, a punk in high school, a Marine and a former bartender. That guy is meant to party not be a corporate sales guy.

To be that guy was unprofessional, and didn’t fit the role of my sales career. At least this is what I was told.

So I walked the line, always trying to be the buttoned-up professional. Say the right things, act the right way and be that guy.

It wasn’t till later in my career that I started to let the world see who I really was and it didn’t go well.

My client’s loved it but the traditional corporate America people hated it.

I was constantly being told Donnie you can’t cuss, Donnie you got to wear a collared shirt, and Donnie you gotta act the part.

It wasn’t always direct it was a lot of subtle hints, here and there. Except for the old guy who told me I would never make it if I said fuck to a client. Well he said “f” word lol

Here’s the thing, home life Donnie and work-life Donnie were two different people. To be honest I didn’t really care for work-life Donnie.

Work-life Donnie was more reserved and laid back. I didn’t talk about my past.

What’s crazy with all this, is once I became me and started being one person at work and home. I started making money.

I made better connections with clients. I made a better referral partner for other people. My overall life got better..

Don’t be two people, be you, show up as you, and watch how it impacts your life.

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