It’s not just the five people you hang out with

It’s not just the five people you hang out with that will help you level up in your life and business. Take a look at all the circles you spend your precious time and energy in; got badasses?

five people laughing

You’re here and you want to be there. You have an idea about what you need to do to get there and you’re reaching out to new clients and prospects and creating new circles of badasses. And it’s time to evaluate all of those circles of people. Who is making you feel like a better person?

Ask yourself some important questions about those communities. Which circles bring you down more than lift you up? Which circles do you walk away from feeling inspired, better about yourself, and motivated to take some action for your vision? It’s time to weed out the negativity and amp up the good vibes. It’s time to let go of the dead weight of people who are afraid to take risks and really go for it in life, and embrace the visionaries who look that purpose-driven fear in the face and say, “Bring it on!”

One problem I’ve had being in past circles is the feeling of obligation I had to those people who I’d hung with for a while. We were used to each other. Even though I started to feel like they were weighing me down, I had a hard time breaking free. I felt guilty. When I realized what that weight was doing to me, or better yet, what doors would open when I cut that heavyweight free, I got it. I had to make room for better circles and communities of people who had big-ass dreams and vision, like me. I had to find people who were doing what I was doing or going beyond what I was achieving so that I could be in that energy.

Being in business has meant making hard choices about the company I keep. But it’s meant all the difference. It’s time to evaluate those circles of people and begin to create new ones. When you reach out to new people on a regular basis you’ll start to meet the individuals you were meant to do more business with, meant to collaborate with, and meant to light the world on fire with. But that’s not going to happen if you continue to do and be what you’ve always done and been.

There is a huge world of badass world-changers out there. Every single one of the super-successful people you see doing what you want to do, started from the beginning; started from zero. Every single one of them built their networks from scratch. There are plenty of positive, visionary, out-of-the-box, badass, risk-taking awesome people out there for you to play in the sandbox with. Stop wasting your precious time with the ones who will never help you be where you’re going. Look toward and get to know those who believe in you and your big vision, and you’ll be there before you know it.

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