Give Before You Ask 1 Way to Grow Your Referrals

Life is simpler if you Give before you ask.

It’s a simple concept.

Open doors for others and they are likely going to open doors for you.

Most people move through life treating everyone as a prospect.

Hoping that their next conversation is finally someone willing to buy.

They talk about their products, services, and overwhelm people with what they have.

They overwhelm with their knowledge hoping to impress the person into buying.


Leading with everything they love about their products and service.

If they would slow down and figure out what the person they are talking to needs their whole world changes.

This isn’t a need analysis this is genuinely figuring out what they need beyond what you sell.

Find out what people need and help them get it.

Flip the script and start getting into people’s worlds and understand what they are looking for.

Everyone needs something so start asking questions to figure it out.

Then do everything you can to make it happen.

Open doors by making connections, and introduce them to people that can help them.

If you focus on their needs you are less likely to come across as a cheesy salesperson.

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