The One Mistake You’re Making in Your Business That You Don’t Know is Killing it

The One Mistake You’re Making in Your Business That You Don’t Know is Killing it

You’re not an employee of your business. Do you even know what that means?

One Mistake You’re Making in Your Business

If you decided to be a business owner one day and threw everything you had into creating that business, but then proceeded to maintain the employee mindset you’ve had for the past couple of decades, get ready to fail. Miserably.

I know because that’s what happened to me. And that won’t happen to you if you’re smart about this.

You need to be and function as the CEO of your business. If you’ve never been a CEO you may need to learn what that means.

When you started your business you had to do everything. You were figuring shit out. And that’s okay. But now that you’ve found some success it’s time to go bigger. And the only way you’ll grow and scale that business like you dream of is to ditch your employee mindset and become the CEO of your business. You cannot go big by continuing to be your own employee.

Here’s how to do this in five easy steps:

  1. Create a big-enough vision
  2. Invest in you and your business
  3. Build a badass team
  4. Automate everything
  5. Sell people what they want and give them what they need


Create a big-enough vision

When you create a big-enough vision it’s one that other people want to join in on. They can’t resist. You’ll have people flocking to you and your energy so they can be a part of your world-changing idea. Is this happening for you yet? You may need to dream bigger than what you’ve been doing.

Invest in your business

You’re going to have to do this before you can afford it and before you’re ready. It will be scary as shit. But you’ll quickly see why you need to; your cash flow will start to increase. This is the step most people never get past and what continues to paralyze their business growth.

Build a badass team

Having a team to do the things you hate is key. You must start to hire people who will help you with things like your email automation, social media, content and other work that keeps you tied up and prevents you from developing the relationships that will grow your business. I started with a virtual assistant and few from there. What would be the one most helpful person to you right now?

Automate everything

This will be such a relief when you surrender to it that you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Automate your emails, social media, podcast posting, everything. And then you’ll be able to get your ass out in the world and meet people. There’s nothing like the feeling of your business running without you. You’ll especially love sitting on your lounge chair sipping your tropical drink, knowing your sales are happening automatically.

Sell people what they want, not what you think they need

This is marketing. If you keep trying to sell people what they need, instead of that they want you’ll get frustrated. You’re going to have to figure out how to package what they need in a way they can’t resist it. And usually, that means truly understanding what they want first. Their big dreams. Biggest challenges. And then wording things in a way they know you understand.

Bonus tip to the One Mistake You’re Making in Your Business – Network with others who are going bigger

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