Tired of long commutes, expensive lunches, and hours out of your day driving to and from networking meetings?
What if you could grow your business, build your network and you get to take back the hours spent staring at a windshield? Success Champion Networking is an online community that gives you back your time while connecting you with other business owners looking to scale and grow your business.

The Three Benefits of Joining an Online Business Networking Group

Save Precious Time

Sure, traditional networking is valuable, but it can also be incredibly time-consuming. The average business owner drives 20 to 30 minutes to meetings and after-hours events. Imagine doing this 2 to 3 times a week. An online networking group means you can reclaim the wasted windshield time and make the most of every minute of the working day.

Generate Quality Referrals

Every successful business person understands the value of referrals. The closing rate for referrals blows any other form of marketing, including digital, social, and print, out of the water. Joining an online business network like Success Champion Networking provides access to a select pool of successful business people, each having a well-established network who trust them, and will often ask them for introductions to other services they need. So once you get to know your fellow members and they’ve gotten to know you along with your services and ethics, the referrals you receive will be excited to talk with you.

Flexibility With Your Schedule

Like most successful business people, there will be times when you are traveling for work or for a good old fashioned vacation. With an online networking meeting you don't have to worry about missing meetings anymore.  You can attend your weekly meeting from anywhere in the world – as long as you have an internet connection. And if you do miss a meeting, you can watch the video replay at a time convenient for you.  This is what 21st Century networking is all about.

This is not your typical networking group.

Success Champions Networking is changing the game of how people network and build their business.

Structured weekly meetings with like-minded business owners via Zoom that provides you a productive time to market your business and teach your referral partners who you need to be introduced to that week. But it's not the same old meeting every week, we have some surprises thrown in to help you grow your business faster.
Business Category Exclusivity. You'll never have to worry about having your competition in the room with you as we allow only one of each business category in the chapter and we'll teach you how to develop profitable referral relationships with people that know your clients before you do.
Access to the Becoming A Champion private Facebook group. Think of this a nation-wide discussion board where you can network with the  Success Champion Networking members from across the country and have great business discussion that will help grow your business. Each day there will be topic starter posts regarding remote work, resilience, leading virtually, productivity, accountability, navigating uncertainty, and more. Donnie and his team will also pop in with special member-only live trainings that aren't made available to anyone else.
Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions. Each Thursday at 10:00am CST I host special live trainings in the Becoming A Champion Facebook group.  Topics will include a wide range of topics including sales, business development, marketing, mindset, delegation and any other topics you and the rest of the members request! And if you miss one they are recorded so you can watch later.
Access to the Becoming A Champion Online training program that includes 11 Video based lessons in 3 Modules helping you discover how to create the right sales mindset, create the right sales habits, and prioritize your time so you get the most out of it.
Comprehensive interactive accountability workbooks, tools and check-ins for each lesson in Becoming A Champion Online
Subscription to the magazine, Success Champions. Every two months you will receive a new issue full of information you can use to grow your business and create the life you have always imagined including business and finance tips and techniques, suggested books to read and reviews of the best technology to grow your business.
COMING SOON!, An online directory for all the members of Success Champion Networking where you can find other members in your area and around the country to work with and so other members of the Success Champion community can find your business as well!
How Virtual Networking Works
An online weekly networking event for those interested in building powerful new business relations and continuing to grow their business. Separately and together. No pitches, no hustle, just a chance to be with others and meet your next favorite referral partner.
Here's how to get ready to fully participate:

1. Download Zoom Client for Meetings on your computer and test it out by opening it up. This is the software that we will use to run the meetings.  You do not have to have a paid Zoom account, but you do need to have their free account.

2. Through the registration process you will get a link for your chapter's meeting room and the link to our online communities. 

3. Complete your Bio at the link we send you.

4. Come as you are! And be ready to tell us how you help your clients and who we can introduce you to!

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Are you ready to take your networking to the next level and start building relationships with other high performers committed to growing your business?

Click the link below to submit an application for a Success Champion Networking Chapter.  Once your application has been approved by the Chapter, you will have locked out your competitors.

Your application will be reviewed by the Chapter's Leadership Team, and you will be notified of the status ASAP.

Submitting and application and/or paying for your membership does not imply acceptance to Success Champion Networking. All applicants must be reviewed and approved by the Chapter Leadership Team in order to be a Success Champion Networking member.

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I'm here today because of networking.

"It's no secret I built my sales career via networking.

After launching Success Champions, I built it to what it is today on the back of networking and the great relationships developed from getting out there.

I am excited to bring that level of networking success online to your hometown and across the world.

As a member, not only will you be a part of a group of professionals who will introduce you to their network, Success Champion Networking will help you increase your business growth through education on a variety of business topics through member only courses, special podcast episodes, and specialized training materials.

You're invited to join us and take back control over the future of your business."

Donnie Boivin
Founding Badass, Success Champions
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