Joy Stackers

A thank you and a tribute to Donnie Boivin and the Success Champions…

Joy Stackers

by Laura Di Franco

Joy Stackers - Success Champion









Success champions entertain doubt

but dwell in possibility.

We dream of better things

but were born with a bigger vision.

Instead of wishing for that life to manifest

we take action and make it happen.

Success champions have moments of defeat

but focus on what’s next.

We speak up our vision

and then we speak louder.

We fail more, fall harder and have made every mistake

but we know one important thing…

It’s the moment when you think you’ve lost it all

that will be your greatest victory.

We’ve learned giving up isn’t an option

Positivity is the only option

Opinions of others don’t count more than our own

Gratitude is necessary

Self-care isn’t optional

Nothing is personal

You don’t do this alone


What we’re worth has nothing to do with anything we achieve.

And we stack joys, one on top of another

like a badass motherfucker.

We celebrate everything

ours and yours.

We know envy is for rookies

and that we are the rockstar.

We live every single day

like it matters, like it’s our last, and knowing we’re changing the world.

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