Sometimes you just need a different perspective

Sometimes you just need a different perspective.

Mowing my lawn takes 2 to 3 hours depending on the day.

I have more than a couple of years pretty much mowing the same path around the farm.

Starting at the outside farthest edges and making 1 big ass loop until it gets smaller and smaller.

Yesterday, when I jumped on the tractor I did something different, I cut the grass in straight lines going up and down the field.

The craziest thing… I had the most fun cutting the grass and I love cutting the grass.

See being on the back of a tractor gives me a moment to catch up on my thoughts. It’s like meditation with the hum of an engine in the background.

I don’t mind the heat, the sweat, or the dust and grass flying everywhere.

It’s just me and my thoughts and sometimes a podcast.

Every Thursday sitting on the back of the tractor is just one of my favorite things.

Well yesterday when I changed it up, I realized something.

Cutting the grass had become well routine, almost boring.

I was doing the same things every time. Round and round and always seeing the farm from the same perspective.

But changing it I remembered why I enjoyed cutting the grass so much.

I saw a couple of trees I hadn’t noticed before, I got some new ideas for projects, and it was a lot of fun.

It got me thinking about how many things I am doing the same way every time in the business.

I started asking myself what had become so routine that I wasn’t seeing things properly.

What I saw was sometimes you need to change it up and try it a different way.

Do the business from a different perspective.

You might find a few new trees and enjoy that portion of the business again.

What has become routine in your business?

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