Message for Everyday – A Poem by the Success Champions

Imagine this message every day. (A Poem by the Success Champions)

Message for Every Day
You are enough

Stay humble and find great mentors. You’re enough, you’re worthy, you’re beautiful, you matter. You are worth so much. Just do the best you can.

Rave just Rave

It’s a marathon, not a sprint! BE SMART AND PACE YOURSELF! Never think you’re not good enough to follow your dreams. You are good enough you are a big deal.


Everything happens for a reason…. you will get through it. Learn! Life is longer than it seems. Say hi to a stranger who knows where the conversation goes.

You are worthy! You got this. Trust your gut. You are a badass. Learn from your failures. You have to fail to understand what it takes to succeed.

You’re worthy. Stop thinking about it and take immediate action! Just keep doing what you’re doing?

Live with passion and dig deep!

Think Bigger… there are no limits…If someone’s doing it so can You. Go get it. You got this Badass and I am proud of you. I am inspired by you.

Get out of your own way. Walk off the cliff and start your business.

Eat healthier and take care of your stress. Be your own person and take care of yourself

It’s going to be tough at times but Trust yourself you know what you are doing. Don’t let anyone influence your path, keep on.

Believe in yourself you are good enough

Dream bigger, take more risks and go with your gut. Be truly ok with failure it is a beautiful teacher and take ownership of your decisions


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