Are you Showing up more Authentically

Anyone else notice how people have become more authentic now that virtual is a standard?

You’re seeing less makeup, more beard (hopefully not on the same person, but hey who am I to judge) and more relaxed conversations.

I think it’s partially due to a screen in between people and the safety of their homes.

People are connecting and showing more of themselves and that’s a huge win.

Too long corporations and companies forced people to put on an act and show up as a professional whatever.

That acting is exhausting, right?

I know it was for me, constantly trying to say the right things, talk a certain way, and sound professional…

That’s why happy hours were tough, get a couple of drinks in, and your real personality starts coming out breaking the act.

Your one person at home and one person at work.

Now home is work and it’s harder for people to blur the lines and I love it.

Look I get it, if the corporate ladder is your game then play the game, you won’t win otherwise. Put on your monkey suit, dance the dance, and power pose your way to the top.

If your tired of being two-faced then be you. Show up as yourself and chase your dreams.

Stop living someone else life it’s literally taking your life away from you.

How do you show up authentically?

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