A Learner’s Mindset is the Key to True Business Success

A Learner’s Mindset is the Key to True Business Success

A Learner’s Mindset is the Key to True Business Success

Are you coachable? I’m not. When someone tries to coach me I literally shut down. I can’t stand being told what to do. Is this you too?

And you can say being told what to do isn’t coaching, but you know what’s worse? Being asked question after question to force you to come up with your own answers. Just shoot me now.


Why share this with you? Because I’ve spent a lifetime figuring out how to learn. Without learning you can’t find the next-level version of you; the version you’re going to need to succeed.


How do you start learning when you’re not coachable? Get around people who are doing things bigger and louder than you are. And then start taking action.


I learn by doing. I screw shit up and then I do some more. I learn by listening to podcasts, the stories of others, and learning the things they’ve done to get where they are. And then I go do those things and learn along the way.


There are no mistakes or failures in my world. Only learning and lessons. So taking more action is how I learn. I get practical experience with that action and learn what the next best step is as a result of that.


Yes, this is scary as shit some days. But listen, if you’re not taking some scary-ass action every single day, you’re not going to succeed. You must learn how to operate in your discomfort zone on a regular basis and get really good at understanding that it’s all a learning process.


That kind of fear is how you’ll know you’re on the right track. It will be what drives you to knowing exactly what to do for your business. Learning by doing is going to make you an expert. And we teach what we most need to know.


I want you to remember three things when it comes to this journey:


  1. Everything you’re being faced with is an opportunity to learn
  2. Nothing is bad or good; it’s all a lesson
  3. You’ll get the quickest clarity by taking action, not by being ready or perfect first


Who are your biggest mentors? Who are the people in your field who are doing what you want to do and crushing it? Seek these people out. Follow their newsletters. Get into their groups. Listen to their podcast. Watch their livestreams. Read their books and blogs. Take some time, maybe a few minutes every day to learn from them by putting their strategy into action for yourself.


It’s the action taking, and learning as you go, that will be the biggest game-changer for your business this year. And the best coach? He’s the one who gets you into action the fastest so that you can have experience then know exactly what you need to do next.

Drop a note in the comments today and share one of your best learning experiences with me!

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