Visibility; The 5 Keys to Getting More of it

To grow your business you need visibility to be seen…everywhere. And if that freaks you out, don’t worry, you can do this without collapsing into overwhelm.

Visibility; The 5 Keys to Getting More of it


The goal is to fill your pipeline with prospects. So the more places you are being seen, the better. Thing is, if you’re trying to do all the

work behind the scenes of you being seen, you will burn out.

To be the face of your business and begin to be seen in a bigger way means you’ll have to pick and choose how you’re getting your message out there consistently. Your consistent message, consistent story, and your authenticity are continually building a know, like and trust factor with your audience.

You’ve heard about this know, like and trust thing already, I know. But are you actually taking the steps to build your brand, be the face of your company, and take that action consistently enough to make an impact in your business?

It’s hard to be everywhere, but that’s what it’ll take to gain some traction and momentum. And you may have even heard the advice to just pick one social platform to play on; the one you love the most and stick with that one. And while there’s truth to that, you may never get the growth in your business you’re craving if you do that.

VisibilityHere are five tips to gaining visibility, becoming the face of your company, and finally seeing the fruit of that labor on your bottom line:

  1. You must begin to delegate the tasks and dirty work you hate to someone else so you have the time to get your ass out and actually talk to people, connect with people and share your message. You’ll never feel ready to delegate or hire your team at first. Do it anyway.
  2. Build a presence on more than one social media platform. If you’re resisting this you may be missing a huge opportunity to make the one connection that changes your whole business. The trick here is to get help from your team; delegate the social media tasks so that overwhelm doesn’t set in.
  3. Get more exposure and publicity by speaking, writing your book, blogging, guest blogging, podcast guesting or starting your own podcast. Get your face and voice out into the world in a bigger way and watch what happens to your business. Hint: it will be a good thing. I have a book that will help you with the how-to for all of these activities. Find Your High Vibe Business, a Strategic Workbook for Badass Entrepreneurial Success on Amazon. And if you’re anywhere near Ft. Worth, Texas – you won’t want to miss The Badass Business Summit.
  4. Start prioritizing your business development. I mean networking and reaching out to ideal clients on a regular, consistent basis to develop relationships. If this becomes the primary activity of your day you will very quickly realize the secret to building your business.
  5. Lastly, get your ass into a community of entrepreneurs who are all doing this together and up-level your connections, mindset and accountability. You can continue to try to do it alone, but that will not be the quick and easy path. Surrounding yourself with badasses is the way.

It’s not always easy doing the things you need to do to be seen. Need a little encouragement read Message for Everyday

It’s a poem by the Success Champions a Facebook Group filled with small business owners finding their business freedom.

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