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If Your Not Telling the Story of Your Business, then guess who is? Your Competition!

Did you know 4 Out of 10 Americans Listen to podcasts?

Did you know it could be a massive prospecting and sales machine for your business?

In this session:

  • Learn how to Promote your business, products & services to targeted prospects through podcasting
  • Understand the voice of your business
  • Learn how to tell the story of your business so the marketplaces further embraces your brand
  • Understand how to create the internal voice of your business.


Podcast Interview Marketing Strategies

If you’re not being featured Podcasts, then who is? YOUR COMPETITION! Did you know that 4 out of 10 Americans listen to podcasts? Did you know it could be a massive revenue stream for your business?

During this session

  • Learn How to get featured on podcast
  • Promote your content to a targeted prospects
  • Get the podcast audience to engage with your content
  • Learn how to make sales from being a guest on a podcast

Award Winning Motivational Speaker Reveals the Success Strategies He’s Used to Create a Successful Business & Build an International Brand…


Donnie Boivin spoke at our Metro North Division of the Dallas Builders Association luncheon on sales, marketing, and social media. Donnie did a great job getting the group involved and interacting during his talk. Donnie has a great success story that focuses on confidence in sales and seizing opportunities.

Donnie was able to provide great advice on selling through social media and provided a list of do’s and don’ts that were simple, and easy to follow. There were numerous builders/members that left the lunch and immediately put Donnie’s advice to practice by posting videos on social media and engage their audience with questions. Donnie is a great resource for individuals/companies that are trying to be more effective in sales and reaching their audience.
Misty Varsalone
Director of Member Services - Dallas Builders Association
Donnie is a good coach, great speaker...but most of all he is an even better guy! Donnie has a big heart and it shows in his work. I absolutely feel Donnie's investment in my success when we talk.

I have seen Donnie in one-time presentations to a large group, in a small group series of sessions, and he has counseled me one-on-one...every time I have walked away with a better perspective on life and with a new tip or two.

Donnie uses humor to make his point and keep the audience engaged. Donnie has no problem calling someone out if they are not interested in getting better...but he does so in a respectful way.
John Knight
Treasury Management Officer | Government, Healthcare, Higher Education & Not-For-Profit | Treasury Sales Center of Excellence | J.P. Morgan
Donnie Boivin could easily classify him in the top 5% of public speakers. He has a command presence on the stage, he keeps his audience engaged, and he delivers information of real value.

Donnie gives direct feedback, but he doesn’t overwhelm. He gives advice without being condescending. He does what’s right without being righteous. He jibes without being offensive. And most of all he tells you the truth to your face, even if it’s not what you want to hear. His straight-talking communication style is one of the things I respect most about him.
Dan Verboski
CEO/President - Leon’s Signs
Donnie has the unique ability to both captivate and motivate by expertly reading the needs of an audience. He is passionate about his message and leaves a crowd with plenty of actionable ideas.

The tone and straightforward nature of his entertaining style leave no doubt as to his expertise and conviction. By quickly accessing and diagnosing business and life questions, each presentation feels as unique as it is engaging.
Chuck Bouligny
CEO Elkhorn Union