Why Things Should Break in Your Business

This is  Why Things Should Break in Your Business. Yesterday I had a couple of things break in the business. Just shit I wasn’t expecting from a place I didn’t even see. When that happens I have two choices I can play victim or I can own it.

The post yesterday where I said shits gonna break.

Why Things Should Break in Your Business

That was me talking to me. I needed to remind myself that well… Shits gonna break when you are going bigger. If everything is smooth sailing then you are still tied to the dock in a small pond.

What I love is that the more I learn to own everything in my life, the more I take responsibility for what happens to me.

The more I see how to grow, fix, go bigger, and move the fuck on.

People can only let you down if you play the victim and blame them.

I took ownership and knew it was my fault. (Yes fault I should do something differently). Taking that ownership I Instantly saw where I could improve and what to do in the future.

Everything that happens in your life is on you. Clarity comes in owning it all.

You land a new client, your fault.
You lose a client, your fault.
You find money, your fault.
You lose money, your fault.
You lose an animal, yep your fault.
You find a random bottle of rum in the mailbox, your fault.

(Nothing wrong with the word fault, and before you jump in here and tell me otherwise. Fault by definition is taking responsibility. It’s not saying you have a fault.)

You own your life and no one else does. Everything that happens is on you, shit is gonna break. Good.

Throw the lines off the deck, let your sails out, and head out to sea. That’s how you find fortune.

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