What Are You Listening To?

Throughout my life, I’ve spent a lot of time behind a windshield. I’ve driven back and forth for appointments, vacations, or just to run errands. Most of the time in my car is spent feeding my mind with knowledge. This could mean listening to a YouTube video, an audio book, a podcast, or having an enlightening conversation over the phone. I love getting to choose what I listen to, and sometimes that even means it’s just me and my thoughts.

With this windshield time, I allow the badasses of the day to influence me in whatever way I need it at the time. Those badasses inspire me to keep pushing farther and harder. They ride with me during the good days and the tough days, and always seem to make it easier. One of the things I’m always taking about with my clients and followers is feeding your mind, and this is precisely what I mean.

A lot of people don’t realize just how much time we have each day that we could be using to our advantage. How much time do you spend driving back and forth, scrolling social media, or watching TV? Each of these actions create a hole in your daily 24 hours that could be filled with something that, in some way, improves your life.

“Life is a series of stories we live first, then tell or teach later. What makes them spectaular is how we lived them the first time.”

Listening to music is good for your health

Think of a song that gives you that happy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Music makes us feel good because it triggers the pleasure centers in our brain that release dopamine, a chemical that makes us feel happy. Plus, it’s been shown to to help increase the number of antibodies that protect us against bacteria and illnesses.

Listening to podcasts can keep you informed

What are you passionate about? Listening to podcasts and TED talks that revolve around your passions and interests can keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in those fields. Things are always changing and so many experts out there make it their jobs to inform others of updates, new tech, or the newest marketing crazes. These podcasts and speeches are a trove of information that can help you in your business, life, and even in your relationships.

Listening to podcasts can inspire you

Life can feel as though it’s stagnating sometimes, especially during days or even weeks when you might feel a little downtrodden in your business. Find some podcasts that aim to inspire people in whatever way you need it. Do you need help keeping up with marketing strategies? Follow marketing podcasts. Are you a techie? Follow podcasts that are aimed at those in your area of tech. If you’re struggling on a personal level, there are even podcasts that can help you to navigate your feelings. Plus, they can give you new ideas to implement in your life and business.

If you want to make sure you’re feeding your mind the good stuff, then change up what you listen to. You might even discover your destiny along the way and decide to chase after your dreams.

Of course, if you’re looking for a podcast to get into, I’d love for you to follow my Success Champion podcast. Each episode features a badass like yourself who wants to make an impact on this world. My guests are ordinary people, entrepreneurs, veterans, first responded, and visionaries with stores to tell.

You’re reading this blog right now because you’re ready to step up and be the badass you dream of being. And you’ve got this. I have faith in you, and you should too. I see that inner badass  trying to come out. Now it’s time to rip off the duct tape wrapped around your spirit and Run Like Hell.

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