1 Way to Positively Value Yourself

Self Value Donnie

You must know your worth.

How we see ourselves is reflected in how we talk about ourselves, our services and our company.

When you don’t value yourself, you will always hit a ceiling.

This invisible top you can’t figure out how to get past.

This worth is your identity and it’s something that’s influenced by the world, but only controlled by you.

It all comes back to this. You are not what you do. Yes, you are a mom, a dad, a coach, a son, a Business owner, and a sports star, or whatever. But that is not who you are.

Its how you value yourself without those roles that is t
he key.

Like yourself, like everything about you.

It’s your soul and everything inside of you in all its brilliance.

It’s you.

And when you finally wrap your head around how awesome you really are then those things you do, those roles you play in life. Those will be brilliant too.

Because those roles can only rise to the level of how we see ourselves on the inside.

The way to grow your identity is through daily practice and action.

It’s not just telling your self “I got this” it’s following that statement with actions that follow that thought.

All the self-love in the world means little without the action steps, to validate the thought.

Our minds are constantly looking to prove theories about ourselves.

We say we suck and our minds look for things to prove we suck.

You say sales sucks then we prove it by doing a 1 reach out, getting nowhere, then saying “see that sucks”.

You validate the thought by half-ass action and the funny thing is, you know that you’re doing it.

Flip the script.

Let actions drive thought… Not thoughts driving actions.

You value yourself when you do the stuff you don’t want to do it causes a mental shift.

Think about cleaning the house, doing yard work, or recording that video.

If you take the action you shift your mindset and you feel better and see your identity increase.

If you stare at the yard, house, or video and say I can do it tomorrow your mind shifts to ” it was gonna suck anyway”. You validated the thought.

Take the action so you can evolve your identity, then you will feel and see yourself.

When you go to work on you by taking action, that’s when the universe shows up and says about fucking time and you truly begin to value yourself.

What actions do you need to be taking?

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