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Your Voice is Part of Your Brand and You Should be Using it

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About Podcasting

If you’re not finding, fine-tuning and expressing the powerful voice of your business you’re missing out on building that business and leaving the legacy you dream about.

Technology allows us to communicate in practically limitless ways but the tool you’re going to want to master right now is podcasting. A popular podcast has the ability to unleash your business voice and express your unique views about your industry in a way that adds great value for your listeners and prospective clients.

Being able to listen to an educational or inspirational podcast while you’re commuting to work, doing the dishes, or going to the gym is the new way to break through the content clutter. And folks are listening more than they’re watching videos because…say it with me…we love to multitask.

The voice of your business is about what you say, but even more so how you say it. And it’s going to leave an impression on your customers. Your actual voice and the way you use it is part of your branding.

Helping your customers hear your voice and recognize your brand through that voice can be difficult. Developing a consistent voice for your brand is an important first step for small and large businesses alike.

Companies spend a great deal of time and money on logos, color selection and other cues they think of as branding. The look and feel of their website, collateral, and signage are important. But very few take the time to consider the benefits of a unique voice and really master using it as a part of their marketing strategy.


When radio was first introduced, millions of families sat together and listened to tails of adventure, drama, and news. The journey of audio has change over the years from radio to television and from television to the internet. And now it’s about podcasting.

Advertising has changed as well. People pay to not have to listen to commercials. They fast-forward through television and individually choose what they listen to in their cars. That’s the biggest difference between regular radio and podcast shows now.

Through podcasting you give a voice to your business, allowing your brand and personality to come through. That voice will establish trust, credibility and a familiarity that you can’t build otherwise.

That trust will make a bigger impact and help you spread your message in a way that people believe in; in a way that creates a desire in them to be a part of what you’re doing in the world.

You and your brand become a thought leader through the power of your voice as you share your expertise, industry knowledge, tools, tips, tricks, passion and enthusiasm. If you’re not developing and sharing that voice as a part of your marketing message, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful ways to spread that message with more of the people you’re meant to serve.

How will you give your business a voice?

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