Success Champion Downloads

On your journey you may needs some guides to help you out.

Top 5 Free Tools

Download this guide to discover the five free tools that will help you create a podcast people actually listen to.

Perfect Podcast Episode

Download this guide to discover the five step process to create podcast episodes that people can't wait to listen too.

Creating Your Avatar

Download this worksheet to understand who your ideal listener is.

Jackass Journal

You’ve probably heard plenty of coaches, mentors, and successful people talk about the power of keeping a journal. It’s supposed to be a “game changer” for your life. But chances are, you haven’t been able to get the hang of this supposedly simple and powerful daily practice. That’s about to change…

Playing Defense Worksheet

What does it mean to play Defense in your life? It means you’re playing not to lose vs. playing to win. It says you're not going big enough to break through your comfort zone and go for it. Use this worksheet to evaluate your life and start playing offense.

Finding Your Strengths

What if someone asked you: “What are your strengths?” Would you be able to quickly articulate them? Do you wake up in the morning excited to start your day – or do you feel dread, avoidance, apathy?