Be You…

I was talking with a client yesterday about authenticity. How most times people walk around wearing mask trying to be somebody they are not. 

Trying to be the person they believe people want to see. 

The entire time they do this mask-wearing thing they wish they could just be themselves. 

Maybe they got picked on in school or by their family, but they feel if they let their real selves out that people will not like it.

Well here is the truth. 

People will not like it.  People will make fun of it.  People will laugh.  Guess what who gives a damn.  

Somebody is going to love it and love you. 

Then two somebodies are going to love it.  Then three and four and more. 

The trick, the more authentic you are, the more you attract what you want, and the more you attract your tribe.

Be authentic, be real and BE YOU THE WORLD WILL ADJUST.

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