3 Ways to Play Offense in Life — Instead of Defaulting to Defense.

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Play Offense in Life vs. Defense Play Offense in Life vs. Defense

One of the things I am learning in my business of coaching badasses is how playing offense is a learned skill… Changing my thought process of playing to win instead of playing not to lose.

In my career as an employee, I always had the mindset of how to keep my money vs. how do I get the money.

Playing offense is not a natural tactic for many people.

Primarily if you were brought up in a household, that thrived in the paycheck to paycheck mentality.

In our house it was always we will find a way vs. let’s create a method and never have to do this again.

We played defense robbing Peter to pay Paul.


Paying this bill waiting to hold off the collection calls until the next payday.

How do you play offense, when your entire life had, a defensive mindset. Here are three things that have worked for me.


3 Ways to be Playing Offense in life


Playing Offense Number One, Get a Routine.

A routine you do every day that is non-negotiable. Write articles, get on social media (post not read) and get out and meet people. I am still working on how to finish the day right so if you have suggestions for that I would love to hear them

Playing Offense Number Two, Change Your Circle.

Look at the people you hang out with and see if they are the growing as fast as you are. Are they inspiring you to kick more ass? Do you talk about money, investing, creating new companies? Are you discussing the latest trends and where the economy is going? If your circle is not pushing you, then it is hard to play offense, so you default to defense.

Playing Offense Number Three, Get Journaling.

I am serious get a daily journal going that helps you step up your day and sets you up for an offensive strategy. Ask the question daily how can I play offense today? How do I go big and loud? Need help Journaling then check out my free eBook “That’s not How you Journal Jackass.

The best offense beats the best defense every time. Mainly due to the fact of different mindsets. Stop worrying about how do you stop the bleeding in your income. Start thinking about creating a river of revenue.

Instead of how do I pay my bills. Think, how can I produce more cash. What can I sell, how do I make this into a revenue stream?

Start playing offense like you are in the final game of your career. We are all are playing the only game we get, and if you go on offense, then you got a real shot at winning this thing.

Here is a bonus to play offense outsource what you suck at except sales. Lorianne Vaughn speaks has a great article on how to find the right virtual assistant for your business. 


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Donnie is a world-renowned podcaster, podcast consultant, coach, and international speaker having showcased 200 leading influencers on his show. He’s been featured in over 150 podcast interviews and is the recipient of the 2016 Fort Worth 40 Under 40 honoree award as well as multiple sales awards and accolades.


He is on a mission to help people unleash their inner badass and create the life they always dreamed of.

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